Why Do People Avoid Going to the Doctor?

Have you ever avoided going to the doctor even though, deep down, you knew you really should? That is actually quite common. Let’s face it—you would have a hard time finding people who like going to the doctor. Most of us would consider it a necessary evil at times, but hardly something to be enjoyed or anticipated with glee.

Most everyone realizes that their health is important. And yet, some of them will still not make an appointment to see their General Practitioner or, worse, go to the Emergency Department, even when they know that should be the course of action.

Here are some reasons why people don’t go to the doctor:


Depending on where you live and whether you have insurance, a visit to the doctor may not be covered. If it is an out of pocket cost, some people either don’t have insurance coverage or just may not have the money needed to pay for a doctor’s appointment.


Haven’t been feeling well lately? Symptoms sound like those of your friend, who ended up dying of cancer? Logically, this should be a reason for you to go to the doctor as soon as possible. However, some individuals are so afraid to find out what might be wrong, they avoid an appointment. This can have tragic consequences as the delay might mean that the issue ends up progressing to the point where it can no longer be treated at all.

They Don’t Trust Doctors

Right or wrong, some people just don’t trust doctors. It might be due to a bad experience, someone else’s bad experience, or perhaps even just something they read. There can be many reasons and they might not make sense to anyone else, but they are good enough in some people’s eyes to stay away.