How to Make Your Car Last Longer

We are at a time in automotive history that is without parallel. Aside from minor changes and improvements, cars have remained more or less the same for decades. However, between electric cars and autonomous vehicles, it is tough to know just how much longer the traditional gas-powered automobile will continue to be the standard.

With your average new vehicle selling for $30,000-40,000, most people hope to get at least ten years out of a car. However, with the changes on the horizon, where will be in ten years? I probably won’t need a new car for another five years or so, but which way to go then? Will it be clear whether autonomous or electric will be the choice, or will that still be a few years out?

Don’t let it come to this!

The best strategy seems to be keeping my current car going for as long as possible. That way, hopefully, the next choice will be clear. If you feel the same way, here are some tips on how to make your car last longer:

Regular Oil Changes

Oil is your car’s lifeblood, so make sure you get an oil and filter change every 5000 miles.

Replace Your Old Spark Plugs

Old plugs make it harder for your engine to get going, hindering its effectiveness and lifespan. Your fuel economy also suffers.

Wheel Alignment

Ask your mechanic to periodically realign your wheels. If they are not aligned properly, your tires can experience uneven degrees of wear, shortening their lifespan.

Replace Old Tires

Speaking of those wheels, old worn out tires make your car unsafe to drive, increasing the possibility of accidents. Tires that are past their prime also reduce the effectiveness of your suspension.

Don’t Overload Your Car

Our vehicles are only meant to carry so much weight; piling on too much can cause significant damage. Consult the owner’s manual for the maximum weight your vehicle can safely handle.