How Heating Can Affect The Sound

The temperature of your house may have some affects on the sound coming from a musical instrument. Depending on if your house is warm or cold, the sound may come out different. Besides affecting the sound, the temperature may have more of an impact on the performer or player.

When the temperature is warmer, the instruments usually expands. In the case of a piano, if the temperature is hot and humid, the sound may come out sounding sluggish.

This is why it is extremely important if you are playing an instrument, that it is stored and played at the same temperature every day. Store it in a room that’s not too warm or too cool. Don’t place your instrument near a vent where air conditioning or a heater could affect it.

If however, the instrument cannot be placed in a consistent temperature, some fine tuning of the strings may be enough to ensure that the sound is consistent and in tune.